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June 5, 2017
by harryfiddler


Seven Stories takes its lead from writer and journalist Christopher Booker’s 2004 book, The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories. The theory is that all the stories of the world, from fairytales to grand opera, can be reduced to seven basic plots, namely, … Continue reading

February 9, 2017
by harryfiddler
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Murder & Redemption

Gush alert. Not really a review. More a colourful account. Image: Sam Amidon. Photo by Ferguson   With Richard Tognetti ‘in residence’ at the Barbican in London, the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s first tour is directed by Finnish fiddle player and long … Continue reading

December 13, 2016
by harryfiddler

Voices of artists

Christmas. Carols. Joyful singing. Love it or hate it, you can’t avoid it. So I go with loving it, especially when the joyful singing is courtesy of Gondwana Choirs. Last night they gave their end-of-year concert, Voices of Angels, at … Continue reading

November 23, 2016
by harryfiddler

mirabile dictu

Last week I interviewed Lorenza Borrani, leader of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and co-founder of Spira Mirabilis. Yesterday I heard her play. It was a bit good*. Borrani is in Australia as guest leader of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, … Continue reading

February 19, 2014
by harryfiddler

Review: SSO / Mozart at the Movies

This was written for Sydney Morning Herald but didn’t make it in due to space issues. Space. The Final Frontier. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Mozart at the Movies City Recital Hall, February 6 Reviewed by HARRIET CUNNINGHAM 3 stars No heart … Continue reading