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15th December 2016
by harryfiddler
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Po marie, po aroha

There’s no better antidote to the nuttiness of the end-of-year, end-of-term, end-of-everything scramble than 90 minutes of music from the Australian Brandenburg team. Their annual Noel Noel concert has become a permanent fixture in so many people’s calendars that this … Continue reading

4th November 2016
by harryfiddler
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Opera: the opera

In the grand tradition of writers writing about writing and painters painting pictures of painters painting, Opera Australia presents an opera about opera. They have the perfect setting, after all: a huge stepped stage with a stunning backdrop, lit by … Continue reading

2nd November 2016
by harryfiddler

What would Peggy do?

The New Music Network presented their annual Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address last Monday, given, this year, by clarinettist, festival director and deep thinker Nicole Canham. Canham has just been awarded a doctorate from Queensland University. As someone who’s grappling with academic … Continue reading