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14th January 2017
by harryfiddler
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Unclassified Play

“How was the concert?” “Great. Really interesting. It wasn’t really a concert. More an installation.” “I thought an installation didn’t have a beginning and an end.” “I said sort of an installation. Sort of. But it’s also a structured improvisation.” “Performance art?” “Mm, no. … Continue reading

2nd November 2016
by harryfiddler

What would Peggy do?

The New Music Network presented their annual Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address last Monday, given, this year, by clarinettist, festival director and deep thinker Nicole Canham. Canham has just been awarded a doctorate from Queensland University. As someone who’s grappling with academic … Continue reading

29th September 2016
by harryfiddler

Drumroll please…

Are you ready? https://unbound.com/books/sanctuary I’m thrilled and not a little bit nervous to announce my new book, Sanctuary, a history of Dartington International Summer School in words and pictures. You may have gathered from that something was in the pipeline. … Continue reading