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  1. Yes, Nono conducted. Students played the crotales which William Glock found only at the last possible moment coming from London. I well remember the occasion, standing on stage striking my crotales and letting them ring, along with my then new friend, David Bedford. Other stellar attendees at Dartington, that year, were Delia Derbyshire and Patsy Toh, and Cornelius Cardew paying a visit to Nono. As now, there were cliques between the left and the fascists, and the two italian composers represented the two active polarising elements. Nono, Yes. And an aberration who had sexually agressed sweet 16 year old Oriel who revealed this timidly just as I was leaving the summer school. I mention it as it has weighed on my conscience, that I was not conscious and together enough to help Oriel and raise a stink about the matter.

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