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A mad week of work leavened by some frantic operaplotting. Didn’t get to 25, but here’s my offering:

Cherub, I? No. Figaro and Sue got married, Count and Countess stayed married, but Barbarina lost it. #operaplot

Dear Eugene, I love you. Dear Tati, I don’t. BANG! Dear Tati, I love you. Dear Eugene, I don’t. CURTAIN. #operaplot

Beautiful boy on a rope or evil heart on deck? No hope. / You go by the law. Billy hangs and you regret forevermore. #operaplot

Betty is cheating | Lucy is bleating | In comes Honey | Sex and sustainability | Save the day #operaplot

Desperate housewife shags the help, knifes the hubby, knocks off the in-law and ends up in a ditch. Should be on TV. Maybe it is. #operaplot

It’s my party and I’ll die if I want to… #operaplot (a Trav lend from dna creative)

Like the play and the film but with music. #operaplot

Smoking kills. Just ask the woman with the husky voice. #operaplot

2010 was my first year, can’t wait for 2011. Thanks, @missmussel!

(And if by any chance you haven’t heard about operaplot this week, the full story is at http://www.theomniscientmussel.com Watch out, seriously addictive and do not read in a public place or while drinking or both because you might snort and embarrass yourself.

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