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So You Think You Can Write?


Well, it’s a lot less embarrassing than dancing…

Musica Viva’s reviewing competition is on again, so if you’re going to hear the Borodin Quartet, sharpen your ears and get your pencil out. You lucky lucky people have 350 words and 48 hours from the end of the concert. (Lucky, because I only have till midday the next day. Watch out for it in the Herald on Monday or Tuesday 1 or 2 March).

I posted a few tips back in November — you can find them on this blog, or at Musica Viva’s site. But for a real hoot, you must read this: http://www.earbox.com/posts/40#post Warning – I will be checking all entries for unjustifiable use of words such as ‘magisterial’ or ‘structural clarity.’

The details of SYTYCW are here: http://www.musicaviva.com.au/concertseason/reviewcompetition


  1. This time I will leave reviewing in your hands. (Note absence of any adjectives whatsoever). Will just enjoy my prize from last time!

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