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Piano wars


Anne Midgette’s great piece, http://voices.washingtonpost.com/the-classical-beat/2009/10/steinway_rolls_in.html inspired me to revisit this Sydney stoush…

The Seventh Sydney International Piano Competition, July 2000. The atmosphere in the Olympic city was electric. From a field of 36 competitors, there were just six finalists about to face the grand play off in front of a live audience of 2500 and a further 1.6 million listeners tuning into ABC Classic FM’s live broadcast.

Who would it be? The dazzling young performer from Japan; the powerful and commanding Ukrainian; or the retiring Russian girl, in whose delicate hands Mozart floated like perfection through the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House?

With all votes in, the hall fell silent as the chair of the jury made the long-awaited announcement. The winner of the 2000 Sydney International Piano Competition… Steinway!

The full story…

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